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Der Ashampoo Photo Commander 5 Free sichtet den eigenen Bildbestand, bearbeitet Fotos nach, druckt die Motive aus oder übernimmt die Aufnahmen in eine Diashow, einen Kalender oder eine Collage. Wer möchte, kann seine Fotos auch auf CD oder DVD brennen.

Das Programmfenster von Ashampoo ist zur schnellen Orientierung dreigeteilt. Ein Verzeichnisbaum erlaubt es, einen Datenträger oder einen Ordner zu markieren. Eine übersichtliche Thumbnail-Vorschau zeigt umgehend eine Übersicht der im selektierten Ordner abgelegten Fotomotive. Ein Klick auf einen solchen Thumbnail reicht aus, um das Motiv auch noch einmal “in groß” im Programmfenster anzuzeigen. Über eine direkt neben der Motivschau eingeblendete Symbolleiste lassen sich alle wichtigen Funktionen zur Bildnachbearbeitung direkt aufrufen. Viele weitere Funktionen sind in der normalen Symbolleiste oder im Menü zu finden.

Zu den Funktionen von Ashampoo PhotoCommander 5 Free zählen laut Hersteller die Untersützung von 60 Bild, Video- und Musikformaten, das umbenennen mehrer Bilder in “einem Rutsch”, Effektfilter, JPG-Bilder drehen, optimieren oder mit Kommentaren versehen sowie Fotoalben für das Web erstellen oder Fotos mit Bilderrahmen versehen. Nutzer können Bilder auch zu einem Kalender zusammenstellen, Collagen anlegen oder als Diashows auf CD brennen.

Ashampoo® Photo Commander 5 FREE
Ashampoo’s popular media organizer gets a major overhaul

Why switch between multiple tools? Ashampoo Photo Commander 5 FREE handles all your photo and media management needs!
Ashampoo Photo Commander 5 FREE is an all-in-one application for organizing, editing, sharing and presenting photo collections. It also features additional creativity tools and audio and video management capabilities, making it a complete media management package.
The previous versions won users over with their intuitive ease of use and the inclusion of all the tools amateur photographers need to organize, edit and enhance their pictures. The latest version is a major overhaul, bringing even more speed, better quality, many new features and effects and an enhanced user interface. For example, thumbnail generation and display are now faster than ever before.
Major new features and enhancements

* Faster: The entire program has been optimized throughout for more speed. For example, thumbnail generation and display are now much faster than ever before.
* Better tools: All editing tools have been improved for easier and even better editing quality.
* Frame Style Center: This new creativity tool enables you to add artistic picture frames and vignettes to photos. In addition to this you can also create high-quality greeting cards. Includes a wide selection of vignette styles and greeting card templates. Greeting cards can be mailed from within the program.
* Collage Tool: Select photos and generate artistic collages complete with background images with a couple of clicks.
* Calendar Tool: Create and print 12-month photo calendars in three different styles as novel gifts.
* Full-screen editing: A new mouse tool bar makes it possible to edit your photos in full screen mode for maximum detail.
* New mouse tools: Callout tool for creating text bubbles, clone tool for retouching photos, eraser tool.
* Canon RAW files: Improved support for Canon RAW files, including faster loading.
* CD/DVD burning: Completely new burning technology for saving photos and slide shows to CD and DVD.
* Batch processing: Now includes an option for adding drop shadows to multiple images at the same time.
* Skins: Improved skinning system, now also supports user-created buttons, also with graphic images. Menu colors are skinnable.

About Ashampoo Photo Commander 5 FREE
Ashampoo Photo Commander 5 FREE makes managing and organizing even the largest collections of digital photos easy. Its powerful integrated photo editing tools make it a one-stop solution. Instead of switching to a graphics application you can do all your adjustments and enhancements directly in the organizer. Remove the red-eye effect, adjust colors, contrast, hue and many other parameters, resize, crop, rotate, add a wide range of special effects and more. All without leaving the program.
But that’s not all. You also get a suite of powerful and yet easy-to-use creativity tools: You can generate web albums of your photos that you can post on your home page. You can send your photos to friends by email, create collages, calendars and greeting cards, add picture frames and vignettes, insert text bubbles, add text, create slide shows and view them on your computer or burn them to CD or DVD, complete with a viewer program so that anyone can play them. You can also back up your images to CD or DVD, also without leaving the program. Batch Processing
The Batch Processing tool doesn’t just convert multiple selected photos to other formats – at the same time it can also resize the images, adjust brightness and contrast, apply effects like drop shadows and sharpening, adjust the color depth and more. If you’ve ever spent hours adjusting hundreds of photos you’ll understand immediately how useful this feature can be!
Mouse Tools
Mouse Tools are one of the unique features of Ashampoo Photo Commander that you have to see in action to really appreciate. They make editing easier by displaying all the commands you need for using the tool in the image where you are working. Instead of searching in menus you just click on the self-explanatory tools. For example, there are mouse tools for adding text, arrows, callouts (text bubbles) and shapes and for removing the red-eye effect. Other mouse tools include clone (for retouching), erase, marker (a highlighter) and select/crop.
Audio and Video
Ashampoo Photo Commander 5 FREE is also a multimedia management tool. It displays videos and plays audio tracks just as easily as it can manage your photos. Videos are displayed in the organizer with thumbnail images, just like photos. You can zoom them, play them in full-screen mode, extract screenshots, create video playlists and more.
You get all the functions of a good audio player without having to leave Photo Commander. Play and organize your audio tracks, create and store playlists and much more. Playlists can be stored in the program’s own format or the universal .m3u format for export to other programs. In addition to all the operations you can perform on the individual media file types you can also create multimedia playlists, combining photos with audio and video files, which you can then display one after another like a slideshow.
Other features
Ashampoo Photo Commander 5 FREE supports “skins”. You can load different skins for a different look or even redesign its user interface yourself. It also supports plugins for handling additional file formats. A number of plugins are already available, including plugins for the the Canon RAW, Kodak Flashpix, HDR .dds, Industrial Light & Magic HDR .exr and Joint BiLevel .jbg formats.
Supported formats
Over 60 graphics, video and audio formats are supported. Exclusive: Version 5 now includes full read and write support for transparent JPEGs (.jng files).

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