Pin-Up-Präsident: Wirbel um Oben-ohne-Fotos von Barack Obama

Ein Oben-ohne-Foto von US-Präsident Barack Obama in Badehose auf der Titelseite eines Lifestyle-Magazins sorgt in den USA für Wirbel.

Barack Obama ziert das Titelblatt der Mai-Ausgabe des Magazins “Washingtonian”. Das Foto wurde vergangenes Jahr während des Weihnachtsurlaubs der Präsidentenfamilie auf Hawaii von einem Paparazzi aufgenommen. Es zeigt Obama mit nacktem Oberkörper und in Badehose.

Das Foto ist Bestandteil der Titelgeschichte, die 26 Gründe dafür nennt, “warum wir es lieben, hier zu leben”. Als zweiter Grund wird genannt, weil “unser Nachbar heiß ist”. Aus dem Weißen Haus gab es bisher kein Kommentar zu dem Aufmacher der Zeitung.

Washington Magazine: ‘Obama is Hot’

Washingtonian magazine displayed a bare chested, beach-frolicking President Obama on the cover of its May issue that hit stands yesterday.

While Obama is not the first president to be photographed topless, he is the first Commander In Chief to grace the cover of a magazine sans shirt, reports CNN.

The current issue of the magazine showcases the headline, “26 Reasons To Love Living Here,” the second reason, “our new neighbor is hot.” The city of Washington’s skyline trumped Obama’s physique, grasping the number one spot.

Cathy Merrill Williams, president of Washingtonian magazine, appeared on MSNBC Wednesday and was asked what she thought about the controversy surrounding the publications use of the term “hot” in reference to the president.

“Um, well, I think we are really putting in print what a lot if people think and what you see in the blogosphere today, which is that [pause] he is hot,” she said. “Look at him! It’s not an endorsement but many people believe that.”

Editor-at-large Garret Graff further defended the photo choice. “The Obamas, through their involvement in Washington, are helping to showcase just how exciting it is to be in Washington right now,” he said. “We use the word ‘hot’ tongue in cheek with the photo.”

The actual photo was shot by the paparazzi when Obama and his family were vacationing in Hawaii over the Christmas holiday. Publication reps insist the picture was in no way enhanced with the exception of changing the color of his swim trunks.

“He is a buff president that the paparazzi enjoy taking photos of,” said Graff.

The White House has yet to comment.

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